What Happens If My Delivery Is Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Spoiled?

If you experience a delay in transit that affects the quality of your food, not to worry! Your order is always backed by our shipping guarantee. If your delivery is lost, stolen, damaged or spoiled, we’ll reship your order and do what we can to make it right.*


Sometimes, as hard as they may try, FedEx and UPS are not always able to deliver packages on time. And we all know what that means for perishable goods. Don't worry, we got your back. If your food is spoiled because they delivered it late, we will work with you to get you out a replacement!


If your tracking information indicates that your package has been lost in transit and is undeliverable, please contact us and we will arrange for a replacement shipment!


We've all experienced this at one time or another, porch theft! It's the worst because you're so excited to receive the package delivered email and then poof it's not there! No worries, we can get a replacement order shipped out for you! Please contact us and we will get you all squared away.


*reshipments are of equivalent value to original purchase. refunds are for retail value minus any coupons/discounts plus a 4% service fee.

 *Please note: If you live in a rural/remote area, we strongly encourage you to upgrade your shipping to Express. We do our best to offset that cost for our customers, but since we cannot control FedEx (as much as we wish we could!) we believe this is the best solution.



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