How long does shipping and delivery take?

First please note - Every order that is in by Monday at midnight PST will be shipped from our kitchens on Wednesday (bacon & paleo meals) (1-2 day delivery time based on location) or Tuesday (21DSD, Eat What You Love, Bone Broth only) (1-3 day delivery time based location).  Every order that comes in after Monday at midnight PST will go into next week’s order and be next week’s menu.


We ship via FedEx. All of our fresh products (paleo meals, bacon) will arrive within 1-2 days and we provide the cheapest option available to you - whether that's FedEx Ground/Home Delivery or FedEx Overnight Express. Both services will arrive within 1-2 days. We also offer Next Day Air Saver, if you absolutely need a guaranteed next day delivery.

We ship our frozen products (21DSD, Wahls, Bone Broth solo purchase) via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery or Overnight Express and based on location will arrive within 1-3 days.



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