Does Pete's Paleo send out samples for blog reviews?

Thanks a bunch for thinking of us; we LOVE it when people help us spread the word. We get a TON of requests for free samples for review, so please include some really good reasons why we should send samples out to you. Those reasons should be as close as possible to this format:

“I have had this blog for xx years/months, and I currently get xxxxx visitors per month who are really focused on Paleo. I have reviewed products similar to yours and had a click through rate of xx and the conversion rate was xx. I’ve attached a screenshot of Google (or some other reputable) Analytics showing my last month’s traffic and I’ve also attached another Google Analytics screenshot with the click through rate for a review post I did on another company’s products.

Go ahead and include anything else you think might be helpful in helping us make a decision to send out samples to you. We’ve built some really great relationships with people who have sampled and reviewed our stuff, and we look forward to building another one with you!


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