How are the meals delivered?

Simple answer: FedEx/UPS nationwide delivery (Ground/Home Delivery or Air) 

Food is shipped directly to your home via FedEx/UPS (within 1-2 days of ship day), nationwide. Food that is shipped is placed in biodegradable insulated boxes with custom frozen gel packs which are reusable (and dry ice during summer months), because we ship FRESH, not frozen.

Remember, we are shipping food, and while it ships fresh in an insulated box with frozen gel packs (and sometimes dry ice), it’s still perishable. You will receive tracking information from FedEx/UPS on Wednesday or Thursday. Please arrange for the box to be refrigerated as soon as it is delivered. Unfortunately, Pete’s Paleo cannot be responsible for food spoilage after the box has been delivered, if it is not refrigerated immediately. 

We only ship once a week (Wednesdays), so if you upgraded shipping, it'll arrive on Thursday, otherwise please expect it by Friday.


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